Cryptect is Software Security Framework for IT companies for protection of the software.
Our solutions were applied and tested on various live game services of Zepetto in various countries since 2014.
Based on this successful application, we made a leap forward to Cryptect Solution.

Solutions of Cryptect are divided to fulfill their purposes in managing security of applications.
Cryptect provides world class services on these areas.

Cheat Blocker


  • Detects modulation on module file
  • Detects modulation on fuction code
  • Provides data memory encryption
  • Detects and bans hacking attempts from DirectX
  • Bans illegal programs
  • Provides local analysis and logs on hacking attempts
  • Provides server logs on hacking attempts
  • Provides live report on hacking attempts

Cheat Blocker is a solution that protects game clients by detecting and blocking
unauthorized activities such as hacking from hackers.

It is equipped with powerful monitoring system. It monitors modulation of module files of client and applications as well as memories and activities of client in real time. It also monitors unauthorized calls from API. Furthermore, it manages the memory internally to make the hackers’ infiltration attempts to be difficult and meaningless.

As for detected hacks, it provides statistics of hacking attempts by nations or by games, security level of each players and detailed records of hacking attempts. With strong security and detailed statistics, Cheat Blocker provides ideal environment and experience for players in terms of game security and CS response.

Cheat Blocker


  • Detects application crash
  • Provides detailed log on crash
  • Allows user to comment on the crash
  • Sends crash info to the server
  • Provides auto-analysis and sorting on the crash
  • Provides daily e-mail report on crash statistics
  • Provides live report on crash

As for applications, crashes are sensitive issues that requires immediate response.
Crash Trace is a powerful tracking solution for your applications.
It is particularly fast and convenient.

It not only provides the transmission of crash records to remote servers, but also provides the particular point where it crashed through auto-analysis.
With these features, it provides ideal working environment for users in terms of dealing with crashes and managing crash records.


Software anti-reverse solution

We are developing Security Solution for the safety of your PC software.
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